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Arthur Moorer is the CEO and Founder of Future Tax Software Academy, Powered By Future Management and Financial Services LLC, alongside the ownership of other successful companies. Arthur J. Moorer has more than 10 years of experience in Financial Software Data and Tax preparation coaching. He also has over 20 years of experience in business operations.

He is a certified entrepreneur, mentoring small businesses, training tax preparers, EA’s, and bookkeepers to develop their businesses: COMPOUNDING CLIENTS. He developed a system to work with tax preparers specifically to figure out their dreams and visions, and the possibilities of them having a solid mindset.


Once you have defined your dreams, Arthur guides you on developing the exact steps to take so that you accomplish those dreams by helping you understand how the choices you make will impact your future.

Arthur is most widely known for entrepreneurship leadership training and he frequently speaks and trains people on "The Five Biggest Fears That Will Stop You From Earning In 3 Months What A Job Would Pay You In 1 Year". 

“It is important that you fully know what’s holding you back so you can truly map out how to obtain the goals in your future.” Arthur feels that inadequate planning is a good portion of the reason people are held back from achieving your dreams. This is why he coaches and consults with business owners and future entrepreneurs to help them realize their value and map out a plan to achieve their goals.

Goal achievement is something that Arthur is very familiar with. “I’ve always wanted a big family to leave a legacy with. I feel that my family is a huge part of my reason “why”. Arthur is married with seven children and a grandchild. Born and raised in Detroit Mi, he currently lives in Atlanta GA. He loves traveling and learning new things.

Arthur J Moorer hosts The Real Entrepreneurs ATL Podcast whenever he is not teaching and coaching. The podcast focuses on IDENTIFYING the real entrepreneurs, providing clients excellent service, and teaching followers to become LEADERS.
Arthur is available for public speaking about “Success, Leadership, and Business/Entrepreneurship.”


He also facilitates a half-day workshop on “Overcoming The 5 Biggest Fears Stopping You From Success”. 1 on 1 Coaching opportunities are available upon consideration for entrepreneurs or Tax Preparation Professionals.


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